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Tend. to your heart

Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place


The safe space for you to transform from feeling broken and empty, to healed, empowered and confident in who you are.

I have one mission to help you become so content in your own skin, understand your worth and never settle for less again.

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How tend can help you?


Do you feel empty and lost after a breakup? Are you in so much pain you just feel you will never be okay again? Have you been left feeling unworthy? Not enough? Unlovable?

tend. is here to take you on a transformative journey from healing through past traumas and heartbreak to recognising your true worth, and embrace a life filled with confidence and joy.



With Tend you will receive an bespoke coaching program tailored exclusively to your individual circumstances and unique journey. I understand that not everybody's journey is the same and there is not a one-size fits all program to healing.

Be given, expert guidance to break free from old thought patterns, past traumas and limiting beliefs that hold you back from the life you deserve.



You will acquire proven tools and strategies to rebuild you from the core. Along with consistent support and guidance for sustained progress. A new chapter without carrying through the pain of your past.



This new chapter where you are confident to be your authentic self. A life where you understand your worth, never settle for less and a knowing if life knocks you down you have the tools to get yourself through.

By the end of our coaching journey you will no longer feel the pain of heartbreak, have learnt to love and appreciate yourself on a level you have never felt before, and feel at peace with yourself whilst being excited for what the future brings.

Client Testimonial's
~ Gemma

"I cannot recommend Ellie enough and I even cried at our last session as I really looked forward to seeing her each week. She is such a lovely person as well as being amazing at what she does. I initially came to tend to find out what was 'wrong with me' as I couldn't find the one. 

I had constant fear of rejection and not being good enough. It was only until I started doing the work with Ellie, I realised that it wasn't anyone else's validation/acceptance I needed but my own. I would always ignore the red flags whether it was with men or friendships as I was desperate to be accepted. 

Now I am very happy in my own skin and I like the person I am. Not only am I far happier but people are noticing it, even saying I look different (I don't) and have commented on opportunities I have accepted that I would never have the confidence to a year ago, even 6 months ago."

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